Demand Side Platform & Audience Platform

Pontiac is a full service Demand Side Platform with integrations with the leading publishers and inventory sources. And, our Audience Analysis tool is cookie-less, omni-channel and beyond just zip codes.

Pontiac Intelligence Capabilities

CTV Direct to SSP

The CTV PMP Management Platform is modern and differentiated from other DSPs giving our clients a platform loaded with advanced features and pricing efficiencies

Digital Out of Home “Pick-Your-Billboard”

From highway billboards to gas station TVs, select the individual screens that will reach your target audiences while they are on the go. Plan multi-state campaigns or run on three boards in the center of town. Easy to setup and easy to execute. Map driven selection process of billboards!

Multi-Channel DSP

Purchase Display, Video, Audio, Native, OTT, & CTV ads to build a multi-channel media strategy with hyper-targeted campaigns.

Custom Audience Integrations

Leverage both first-party and third-party data integrations to reach your target audience according to demographic, behavior, interest & more.

Foot Traffic Reporting

Track the number of users that are served an ad and then visit a physical location for ‘offline’ conversions attribution across all DSP channels.

Audience Research Tool

A cookieless tool for the future, Audience Research Reports provide advanced website analytics and IP address-based audience insights.

The Pontiac Demand Side Platform Difference

No Minimums

Leverage our full product suite with no minimums, fully transparent pricing, & detailed custom reporting.

Human Factor

Whether Self or Managed Service, our experienced team will support you 24/7, through every step of the process.


Our extensive Documentation Center, training videos, & platform help tools empower all users to execute successful campaigns.

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