CTV Bidder & PMP Management System

Customizable CTV Bidder

We are the DSP. All the high-quality CTV inventory. Our own pipes.
Our proprietary CTV Bidder is a solution built for advanced clients who are looking to gain efficiencies and utilize a new CTV PMP Management Platform. The CTV PMP Management System is available on a Bidder-as-a-Service model or a percentage of media model.
Leverage our account management team to assist with setting up custom deals with the largest CTV providers in the world. The CTV Bidder is focused on CTV Deals and PMPs via integrations with Magnite, SpotX and Taleria to start!

CTV Technology

We have identified an area of the market that is mispriced. When purchasing CTV deals on Hulu, Roku, Discovery, Xumo, FuboTV, TubiTV, SlingTV, and others, the technology behind the purchase does not need to be as robust as it needs to be for complicated display banner campaigns. These CTV publishers define the audience, the channels & shows, the times, the geography and many other specifics when setting up CTV PMPs.

Our bidder includes these attribution features:

IP Conversion Pixel tracking

Utilize the Pontiac IP conversion pixel to measure the effectiveness of CTV campaigns across devices on web activity

Foot-Traffic and Foot-Fall attribution

Utilize IP addresses through a device graph to generate data which allows us to report on in-store visits driven by CTV advertisements

Direct Access to CTV

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