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The Science of ART

With cookies quickly becoming a thing of the past, many advertisers and agencies are asking:
What do I do now?

At Pontiac Intelligence, we have been anticipating this moment for years and have built a powerful solution for a cookieless internet: ART Audience Research Tool

ART is built around profiling ZIP codes by combining reliable, publicly available demographic and socioeconomic data with AI-driven contextual segmentation.

ART maps profiles across 42,000+ zip codes across the US. This potent combination creates flexible, accurate audience segmentation at scale. ART is 100% privacy friendly, fully transportable across channels, and built to help you discover, plan, and target the right audiences for your campaigns.

Audience Discovery and Research

The ART tool does more than just create targeting segments, it unlocks a view into audience geographical distribution, their demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, their CTV viewing behaviors, as well as look-a-like modeling.

By using ZIP codes as the base segmentation, ART is tapping into decades of economic and demographic patterns that have established geography as a privacy safe and accurate segmentation lever.

We see audience segmentation and campaign optimization show impressive results through our executions.

Al-Driven Profiles

In order to help visualize and understand your audience, we leverage Al to parse through segmentation results and create clear audience profiles and images.

This helps you define your personas and bring life to your plans to help you win more deals, and get advertisers more clearly visualizing the audiences you’re creating and targeting through Pontiac

Contextual Targeting

As the saying goes “Context is King,” and at Pontiac, we have crowned quite the targeting royal. We built a custom Al model to take any online content or freeform text, run it through our natural language processor, and find thousands of sites that have similar context. We have evolved contextual targeting from the typical category or keyword to actually matching content sentiment and contextual relevance.

Use our tool to find an engaged audience for your offering without the need for cookies. We have hundreds of prebuilt segments as well as unlimited custom segmentation through our custom audience builder tool.

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