ZIP Codes: the Key to Effective Cookieless Targeting

We’ve seen how with the ongoing shift towards a cookie-less world, it will be important to “make what’s old, new again.” ZIP data has become even more important for a brand’s audience targeting strategy to maintain a strong level of precision in targeting, while complying with new privacy regulations.

Transparency in CTV: Are We Ready To Take On Linear?

In the last couple of years, we are seeing a true shift in television budgets to CTV or OTT. For digital advertisers this has always been on the horizon but at the same time has seemed to be just out of reach. The opportunity is closer than ever but with our current infrastructure and tools, do we have enough to compete with the longstanding Goliath?

Post-Cookie-Era #2

Identity Solutions, Contextual & Native New Identity Solutions Two of our partners continue to innovate strong solutions in this space worth watching. And, some things

Post-Cookie-Era Update Feb 2021

Is addressability coming to an end? How does this impact programmatic and social advertising? Find out what Pontiac CEO, Keith Gooberman has to say about privacy changes in the industry.