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Working in programmatic since the days when it was a nascent channel, Keith Gooberman and Erik Thorson felt they had seen it all.

Frustrated by the abundance of duplicated tech, over priced fees, inventory opacity, and limited media buying controls, the two set out to build a tool that met the expert buyer's needs and helped small and medium agencies trying their hand at programmatic get better, transparent controls and see better results.

Driving real results for advertisers comes with reaching real people in the most cost-effective, brand-respectful ways possible. Too often, platforms will take questionable actions to drive eye-popping results, but those practices not only deceive advertisers, they risk bringing the entire industry down.

Keith and Erik built Pontiac Intelligence to be an open window into programmatic buying.

  • We take a low transparent fee.
  • What we see on the exchange, we share through to our users.
  • We are always iterating and working to improve and evolve our tools to better reach client goals and to stay ahead of the curve in the industry.

Check us out and let us know what you think! We'd love to have you try our tool.

“Our tool is constantly evolving and improving, but we’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done and continue to do, and we’re always open to hearing from clients and prospects to understand what they want to see and don’t want to see.”

Keith Gooberman
Keith Gooberman
Founder and CEO
Erik Thorson
Erik Thorson

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