Putting the 'Pro' in Programmatic

Whether you are just learning media buying or your a seasoned veteran, we’ll help you beat your goals, increase your margins, and become a trading pro.

Top Tier Inventory at Scale

With Pontiac, you can reach the best inventory across CTV, OOH, Audio, and Display. We are built for reach, flexibility, and control, and those features are at your fingertips across any channel you want to activate against.

Buy CTV like linear... or like online video

Whether you are looking to extend your online buys onto CTV screens or evolve your linear TV buys into the digital sphere, our platform has all the tools to match your needs. We can access 100% of all CTV and OLV inventory, giving you the tools to reach the right audience and deliver results through any form of video.

Control your dayparts and your budget weights like linear buying (but way better). Target inventory based on transparency of title, series, channel, publisher, genre. Track and optimize to online activity using our IP pixel.

Custom Bidding Algorithms to Reach Your KPIs

Optimize campaigns like never before. Rather than use a one-size-fits-all optimization, our tool leams and adapts to what is truly driving performance.

Our IP conversion pixel maps online conversions to CTV exposure and provides the fuel for our bidding algos to do their magic!

Looking to bring your own optimization algos? They are welcome! Our system can ingest external bidding algorithms and apply them to our buying tools to combine your data with our capabilities for better results.

Access all CTV Inventory and Do It With Confidence

Pontiac has access to all major premium inventory: Disney/Hulu, Paramount+, Fox, Peacock, etc. But there’s more the CTV than just the big brands. FAST (Free Ad Supported TV) is becoming more and more dominant as consumers look to control their subscription costs. Platforms like Philo, Tubi, Samsung, Vizio, and more are gaining market share and offering great solutions for consumers and advertisers.

Pontiac plugs into all of them and enables buyers to control what they buy based on the supplier’s transparency levels, with granularity down to the title, series, channel, genre, network, publisher, and exchange.

We help agencies and advertisers better navigate CTV and control where their brand shows.

Pontiac is build for versatility

One platform to Control All Channels

We built our own CTV and OLV tools in-house, and to leverage advanced tools for other channels, we have built Pontiac OOH over the Vistar API – the market leader in scale in DOOH, and built Pontiac Origin for display, native, and audio over the Xandr Invest API.

Online Video
Mobile Display
Desktop Display

Audiences for Any Need

The industry is facing a foundational shift in targeting with the deprecation of third party cookies. We’ve been thinking about this problem for years, and built a tool to help you not only replace 3rd party data segments, but improve and enhance your audience segmentation.

Our (ART) Audience Research Tool is a first-of-its-kind, geo-based discovery. research, and segmentation tool that combines geography, publicly available datasets, and Al-based contextual segmentation to identify any audience segments you need. We have over 200 pre-built segments and the ability to build endless custom segments that are cookieless, privacy friendly, and available on any

Key Integrations

Data Through TransUnion

We know that sometimes an audience can be niche or not based on publicly available data, like B2B, professional categories, and more. To assist in reaching these hard-to-identify audiences, we have integrated TransUnion data into the platform, which provides thousands of segments for any targeting need.

Your 1st party audiences are a critical part of any campaign looking to reach existing customers or build models on known audiences. We can ingest audiences through TransUnion or LiveRamp to ensure scale and efficiency to the right target.

While so much of our day to day is online, nothing is more indicative of intent and brand interest than in-store visitation. We have partnered with OnSpot data to provide foot traffic visitation reporting down to the individual venue, tracking the offline impact of your online campaigns.

AI isn’t just running on the backend to enable our powerful optimization tools. We use GPT and MidJourney to bring our audience profiles to life. With every ART report, our customers get a view into what the audience profile looks like in clear visuals and descriptions.


We are independently owned and operated, meaning our top priority is your success, not shareholder returns. Because of our independence, we offer the lowest platform fees in the industry. See below to get a sense of how our pricing works:

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API & Reseller

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Pontiac offers 3 tiers of support: Self-service, guided support, and managed service. Whatever your level of experience or need for support, we are here to help you execute the best media campaigns possible. Speak with our team so we can understand how to best support you.

Self Service

Log in and have at it Our tool is simple and intuitive, and we have a range of supporting documentation and guides in our wiki to help you get started and hit your targets.

Guided Support

Feel that you can manage the tool yourself but want someone to help you get setup? Not a problem! Our customer success team is available to help you learn the ropes or to help check setup and execution as needed.

Managed Service

Want to use the tool, but don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself? Let our team drive and provide industry leading service and support to work with you and execute campaigns on your behalf

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