Custom solutions to meet your platform needs

Custom Bidder / Bring Your Own Bidder

No two campaigns are the same, and because of that, we’ve built our own custom bidder to enable campaign by campaign optimization strategies.

Do you have your own bidding algo?

No problem! Our system can ingest your bidding criteria and apply your custom solution on top of our buying piping to pair customization with buying efficiency

Conversion Flexibility

Whether you have your own data or want to use conversions through an alternative channel, we have the tools the leverage any conversion type you need: Google Sandbox, IP Conversions, ZIP code based conversions, or contextual indicators. We’re built to drive performance in a cookieless world on CTV or any other digital channel.

Google's Privacy Sandbox
IP Conversion Pixels
Al-based contextual and optimization tools
ZIP code level targeting and optimization

White Labeled Tech

We know how important brand can be in tech. If you want to offer your clients a media buying software, but don’t have the engineering capacity or are stuck with a partner who isn’t meeting your needs, Pontiac could be the right solution for you.

We offer our platform as a white labeled solution. You can impress your clients with cutting edge tech and software, and we take care of the engineering backend.

Buying Curves and Weights

Looking to control your CTV and OLV buys like linear? We have built a solution that allows for controlled weighting down to the hour, giving you the ability to match your buys to traditional linear day parts, or to customize your buying weights to the day and time where your audience is most engaged.

Read and Write API

Ultra high uptime. 100% capability driven read and write API with documentation, sandbox environment, and direct access to engineering assistance.

Want to learn more?

One of our platform experts is on hand to take you through the tool and understand your business needs.