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Two Optimization Models Are Better Than One

Pontiac and Chalice have partnered to deliver cutting edge media targeting on CTV. Together, they offer the ability to target CTV based on Linear data without the need for show level transparency....
Contextual targeting using AI is a powerful tool to drive results. Pontiac's tool has proven to be scalable
Contextual AI and geography can combine to offer future-proof audience targeting at scale with better performance and reliability.
MFA websites are a major waste of advertising spend, but also a massive pain to circumvent, and advertisers
Targeting precision has eschewed accuracy for scale. Advertisers can benefit from focusing more on efficiency to drive results.
CTV is looking more and more like cable with unskippable ads and prescheduled content.
Geography is a great indicator of audience cohorts. In a cookieless world, where someone lives can be the

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