Cookie less Audience Research Solution

The Audience Research Tool (ART) is a research tool built by the engineers and developers at Pontiac Intelligence to further define the United States by Zip Code.

So what is ART?

The Audience Research Tool (ART) provides ad buyers a tremendous amount of detail before starting their campaign.
ART presents options and reports based on Zip Codes. Our team has compiled as much information about Zip Codes as well as the media we run in those Zip Codes to help profile and compare Zip Codes from around the United States.

Inventory & Price Forecasting

The cookie less Audience Research Tool takes in data from our platform on the websites, apps and details of all the ads we have purchased and aggregates it so our clients can get a sense of how much inventory is available and the price to bid

Audience Research

Audience Research allows our clients to place a pixel on their website and learn about what type of people visit based on the Census Data and Media Delivery information by Zip Code

Audience Discovery

Audience Discovery allows clients to enter in the desired demographics and details of their audience and then determine the highest indexing zip codes for that target in a specific DMA, State or the entire United States

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