Local Advertiser or SMB Agency

Pontiac gives advertisers a leg up on the competition by providing digital advertising opportunities outside of Google, Facebook, Amazon and other Social Media platforms.

One platform for all channels

Our tool provides multiple points of access to bring the best in CTV, Programmatic, and Digital Out of Home to our clients in one platform.

Pontiac makes it simple to execute, and our team is here to help.

Our platform helps hundreds of small businesses place high quality ROI positive ads each year.

Digital Ads

Find your target audience on your favorite publications across the zip codes surrounding your business. Re-engage with a qualified audience to drive efficient conversions using our advanced dynamic retargeting tool. Our platform is focused on ROAS and with measurable results and fully transparent data to ensure success!


Engage consumers while they are on the go in your business’s neighborhood. Pontiac’s DOOH technology allows you to select venues by type and geo to strategically place ads in environments most relevant to your target audience. Available venues include airports, doctor’s offices, taxis, malls, bus shelters and curbside billboards.

Foot Traffic Attribution

Pontiac utilizes privacy-compliant technology to identify which users saw the ad and walked into a specific location. This attribution works across every type of media. Whether you’re running ads across CTV screens like Roku and Hulu or display ads on yahoo.com, realtor.com, msn.com and thousands of other sites, or audio on Spotify and local online radio channels.

Our Three Pillars of Success
for Local Advertisers

No Minimums

Leverage our full product suite with no minimums, fully transparent pricing, & detailed custom reporting.

Human Factor

Whether Self or Managed Service, our experienced team will support you 24/7, through every step of the process.


Our extensive Documentation Center, training videos, & platform help tools empower all users to execute successful campaigns.

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