Buy Premium CTV Directly from Publishers on Pontiac

Customizable CTV Bidder

We are the DSP. All the high-quality CTV inventory. Our own pipes.
The CTV Bidder gives us the advantage of plugging directly into the Publisher’s stack and gaining first-look access to premium Connected TV Publishers.

What can we do with the bidder?

  • CTV Targeting: Target by App, Channel, Genre, Rating and, sometimes, by Show
  • CTV Attribution: Measure who viewed the ad on CTV and later accessed a Website or App from the same Household & IP-address. Attribute offline-foot-traffic via our integration with OnSpot.
  • CTV Inventory: Our platform does not have pre-curated deals. Each client is provided a strategist who will access the CTV partner and build custom deals to ensure the highest degree of targeting.
  • Audience Data: Our Audience Research Tool allows clients to define and research their current audience and target this audience using our CTV Bidder.
  • Service: Managed service at no additional fee. Reporting is self-service and there is an API to access automated reporting.

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