Managed Service Offering

Pontiac Intelligence offers a Managed Service solution in which one of our experienced Trading Teams can manage your campaigns for you. Your Trading Team will advise on campaign strategies, execute, and optimize all line items, and provide weekly reporting and insights.

What is unique about our Managed Service Offering?

Trader Expertise

Our expert Trading Team has extensive experience in media buying, strategy, and optimizations, ensuring they can deliver and exceed your KPI’s.

Customized platform design

Our planning team converts your goals into a customized media plan, complete with curated inventory targeting lists, custom audiences, PMPs and more, designing a holistic strategy that is tailored to your needs.


Your highly responsive Trading Team will offer first in class customer service. You can expect weekly check-ins, comprehensive updates, and an open and fluid line of communication 24-7.

Transparency & Visibility

The ability to log in to the Platform combined with weekly reporting will give you full access & visibility on all aspects of your campaigns.


Combining proprietary and licensed technology, Pontiac provides a comprehensive programmatic toolkit designed to drive performance across all channels and media types.

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