API / Partnerships

Advanced buyers and media companies are often looking for an ad buying solution which offers a complete and actionable API along with other items.

Features and functionalities built for you.

The Pontiac User Interface is entirely built on the Pontiac API, by design enabling Pontiac Partners to build on all features and functionalities of the platform backend through an API integration.

API Documentation

Capabilities for growing your business

Our engineering team has technical associates who will walk you through issues as you build and design your capabilities over our platform. There are also partnership programs which grant additional capabilities for growing your business.

Partner with Pontiac to build and enhance your media practice with the following features: white-label-margin

Set margins at the client level

Set your own customized margins for each client that will appear built into the CPM of the media for each campaign making all platform reporting ‘client ready’.

Customized platform design

The co-branded solution incorporates your branding and logos into the platform, complete with a unique registration page, login page and platform URL that creates a comprehensive ‘on-brand’ experience for your clients.

Manage multiple clients and campaigns

Quickly view stats for all Advertisers under your purview with the Master Seat Reporting dashboard.

Priority product & technical support

The Pontiac Support Team will assist in servicing your clients through the onboarding, set-up, and optimization process so you can focus your resources elsewhere.

Choose Client Access

Grant your client’s ‘admin access’, ‘read-only access’, or ‘no access’ to their account according to their involvement in campaign management. With your margin included in platform metrics, clients can pull their own reporting, no adjustments needed.

Take billing out of the equation

Allow each client to securely pay for media via their own credit card.

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