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Pontiac Intelligence is an advertising platform that belongs in any media buyer’s arsenal. Our tool can be used to run measurable and detailed digital campaigns, Digital billboard campaigns and high-quality CTV via major publishers.

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Our mission is simple.

We are a group of engineers, product developers, media buyers and account management experts who have built a tool that bridges various digital advertising formats. We focus on building cutting edge tools to deliver value and results to our clients while keeping costs and reporting fully transparent.

Tools for all types of media buyers.

For example, local Auto dealers utilize Pontiac for CTV, Digital Billboards, and measure in-store foot traffic from all mediums. Other e-commerce buyers use the platform for global retargeting.

Media companies and large agencies use our CTV PMP management system to execute buys at low fees while also getting full household level conversion statistics on e-commerce or in-store. Additionally, large publishers white-label our platform and use it as a sales extension to capture incremental revenue.

We make ad tech easy.

We are always here to help through our extensive Documentation Center, platform Help Tools, and 24/7, USA-based Accound Management team are here to help you execute campaigns yourself or engage in a fully managed-service relationship. Our experience team handles the planning, steup, execution, reporting and more. Either way, you are never alone.

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