Pontiac Intelligence was built and is maintained in-house by our own full-time engineering team, and includes the following components:
While we are proud of the product we have built, we are also proud of the relationships with technology partners who have allowed us to scale our technology on the backs of their technology.

AppNexus & The AppNexus Programmable Platform
While our team built the entire front end, the bidders we use are provided by AppNexus. Their powerful Programmable Bidder gives us access to ads across thousands of websites, apps, TVs and connected devices. By utilizing their scaled bidders, we achieve quality performance provided by their powerful core bidding technology.
As mentioned in the history section, Programmatic Mechanics and Pontiac Intelligence combine forces to achieve scaled pricing on the AppNexus bidders and ultimately this orchestration provides the optimal performance for the end advertiser.

LiveRamp Reseller & First-Party Data
Pontiac Intelligence offers you the ability to take your offline data online as a licensed reseller of the LiveRamp technology. Upon signing up and signing an addendum, you will have access to LiveRamp directly and can use it to manage your CRM files and make them targetable across the open Internet in Pontiac Intelligence with no minimum commitment.
First-party CRM data may come in the form of phone numbers, email addresses, or full names and associated postal addresses. All you need to do is upload a CSV file to LiveRamp, which uses a massive database to match that data with online IDs to create audiences that you can easily export to Pontiac Intelligence and target through our console.