Pontiac Intelligence is built and maintained in-house by our full-time engineering team.

Pontiac Intelligence includes the following components:

The Pontiac Intelligence Algorithm

Our optimization algorithm is designed to manually analyze reports regularly, determine all of the factors yielding the best results, and target accordingly. All this happens so your lines adapt over time to get you the best results as they collect more data about what’s working and what’s not.

Optimizations are made according to advertisers goals and selected KPI. It all comes down to what you’re looking to get out of your campaign— our job is simply to help you reach your goals.

The platform fully describes the exact optimization process, including all of the details that the AI more heavily targets or stops targeting, the dates that each change is made, and the amount of your line’s budget that is reallocated toward the change. Users can see exactly when optimizations were made, including budget reallocation and details about the exchanges, locations, sellers, and placements that the sub-line exclusively targets or blacklists. Through this, we guarantee full transparency in addition to quality.

Pontiac Intelligence has partnered with leaders in the digital space to enhance our solutions for the end-user.

Xandr's Platform



While our team built the entire front end, the bidders we use are provided by Xandr. Their powerful Programmable Bidder gives us access to ads across thousands of websites, apps, TVs and connected devices. By utilizing their scaled bidders, we achieve quality performance provided by their powerful core bidding technology.


Programmatic Mechanics and Pontiac Intelligence combined forces to achieve scaled pricing on the Xandr bidders which provides the optimal performance for the end advertiser.

LiveRamp Reseller
& First-Party Data

Pontiac Intelligence offers the ability to take offline customer data online as a licensed reseller of the LiveRamp technology.



Upon signing up and signing an addendum, users have access to LiveRamp directly and can use it to manage CRM files and make them targetable across the open Internet with no minimum commitment.


First-party CRM data may come in the form of phone numbers, email addresses, or full names and associated postal addresses. Upload a CSV file to LiveRamp, which uses a massive database to match that data with online IDs to create audiences to target through Pontiac Intelligence.