The Evolution of Pontiac Intelligence

Pontiac Intelligence was built by the engineering team at Programmatic Mechanics. The Programmatic Mechanics team has been purchasing advertising space on behalf of all types of clients since 2014. We've supported thousands of clients, targeted thousands of zip codes, and leveraged billions of performance-driven data points, all of which resulted in our team perfecting the craft.

Birth of the Algorithm

The Pontiac Intelligence team was born from Erik Thorson, the CTO of Programmatic Mechanics, coming onboard in 2015. While at Programmatic Mechanics, he developed an advanced algorithm for performance campaigns. Then, he perfected that algorithm over the next six months. The team discussed making this algorithm available for anyone who wished to use it.

The Pontiac Intelligence platform went into Alpha in October of 2017. After getting five clients to utilize the technology and prove out some use cases the team moved to Beta in June of 2018.

Beginning of Pontiac

In April of 2016 the Programmatic Mechanics team decided to invest in pursuing Pontiac Intelligence as a standalone DSP buy-side platform.

Pontiac Intelligence Today

The Beta product launched in June 2018 and managed $500 across four clients in its first month. By December 2018, Pontiac Intelligence managed $100,000.

As we continue to grow.... Our focus remains on product development, low-margin, and clean mechanics.