Using Pontiac Intelligence with External Applications (API)


Our API (Application Programming Interface) enables users to interact with Pontiac programmatically, allowing them to integrate Pontiac’s ad buying capability with external applications. This allows campaign setup, reporting and optimization to be automated or controlled with out user interaction with the Pontiac interface.

Who is this for?

API integration is for programmers (or teams with programmers) who wish to include

ad buying or reporting into their apps.

For example:

  • If you are a publisher... that has clients that advertise on your properties and you want to help them to advertise across the open web you can integrate Pontiac into your own interface.
  • If you are an agency... that has a proprietary platform for reporting or submitting insertion orders. You can easily automate campaign setups.
  • If you are a trading desk... with your own traders and optimization strategies, you can automate those optimizations.


How to Get Started
Contact your account manager to get API access.

In our wiki you can find full end to end examples along with example python code to setup a full campaign and pull reporting. Testing can be done using our sandbox environment.

Full API documentation can be found here: