Place Ads Intelligently

Utilize Pontiac to reach screens on desktops, tablets, mobile devices, CTV, audio streaming devices, and digital OOH billboards in elevators, on highways, in airports, etc.

Setup Lines with Ease

Targeting Parameters

Place highly targeted display ads using the following controls:

  • Allow and Block lists for websites and mobile applications
  • Full URL targeting down to 20 subdirectories
  • Geo-target by Country, Region/State, DMA, Postal Code, or Lat-Long coordinates
  • Time of day and day of the week
  • Operating system or device model
  • Exchange - including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AppNexus, Index, Rubicon, Pubmatic, OpenX, and others
  • First-Party or Third-Party Audience data
  • Remarketing audience built with a Pontiac Segment Pixel

Digital Out of Home Targeting

Select from 2.4 million screens across place-based media (taxis, malls) and large format out-of-home (bus shelter, curbside billboard). target consumers in contextually relevant environments while they are on the go, including airports, liquor stores, dispensaries, doctor's office and more. Search by venue type, state, zip code, publisher, and media type to select hyper-local placements in the most relevant environments.

Custom Audience Integrations

CRM Data Audiences

Convert any existing CTM data into a targetable audience through cookie-based matching or IP address triangulation. Utilize email list, name and postal address, or phone numbers to target leads or previous customers across the open web.

Geoframe Commercial Address Audiences

Using one or hundreds of commercial addresses, create custom audiences of users who have visited any location across the country in the past year. For example, target users who have attended a University of Texas football game, or people who have visited any McDonald's across the country.


Enter the latitude and longitude for any coordinate in the world to serve ads to users while they are in that physical location. Display ads on a user's mobile devices while they are in the best frame of mind, whether they are shopping at Target or at an industry trade show.

Contextual Keyword Audiences

Build custom contextual segments using keywords or 3-word phrases to place ads contextually across URLs that contain the most relevant content to your Advertiser. Use phrases such as "Women's Fashion" or "Best gifts for employees" to place ads in front of people while they are browsing articles on those topics.

B2B Account Based Audiences

Enter any company website to create a targetable audience of employees and company devices. Reach key decision makers with filters by position or target companies displaying interest in certain topics. Target companies searching for new CRM software or looking to contract website developers.

Third-Party Audiences

In addition to custom audiences, select from over 380,000 off the shelf third-party data sets for Demographic, Contextual, Behavioral, Brand Safety, or Weather conditions. Target pet owners, Baby Boomers, yoga lovers, users searching for a new car, and so much more!

Layer audience segments with Boolean Logic to filter and refine targeting to reach the users with the highest propensity to convert