Place Ads Intelligently

Utilize Pontiac Intelligence to place highly targeted ads to reach your audience.

Targeting Options

Control your ads’ targeting across the following:

  • Website (URL) and specific mobile app
  • Operating system device (MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Geography (country, region/state, DMA (USA only), postal code, or lat-long coordinates) Time of Day
  • Time of Day
  • Exchange (Seller) (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AppNexus, Index, Rubicon, Pubmatic, OpenX, and others)
  • Audience (third-party and first-party user data)
  • Pixel (set up advanced remarketing strategies)

You can even use our GPS application directly within the console to select your targeting location and radius.

Third-Party Audiences

Pontiac Intelligence offers over 350,000 audience segments that you can integrate
into any of your campaigns. Advertisers can associate a full spectrum of
third-party audiences with any campaign.

Target audiences who have displayed through their web activity specific interests or lifestyles by using any of our thousands of available behavioral segments. Want to reach people who have been looking for jobs in entertainment? People in the market for school supplies? Perhaps people who use teeth-whitening strips? Check out these kinds of audiences, pre-packaged and immediately available for your campaigns.


Target audiences that are on sites looking at relevant content. Use “Pets” contextual advertising to reach people who are currently consuming content related to pets, or “Women’s Fashion” to get your ad in front of people browsing articles on that topic.


Target audiences based on demographic factors such as gender and age group. Reduce the risk of running campaigns to uninterested consumers by controlling the most basic variables such as generation, income, and family structure.


Target your ad across websites serving to users in over 50 different languages, from Spanish to Macedonian to Thai. Make sure that your ad reaches people who are looking at content in that language by integrating these packages into your campaigns.


Target audiences based on the weather conditions that they are experiencing in their locations. Show your sunscreen brand to people in “Very Sunny” conditions, or your nasal spray to people in “Allergy Weather.”

Easily associate any third-party audience
directly with your campaign