Registration Process

Pontiac Intelligence accepts credit card payments and requires new clients to pre-pay inside the platform via an integration with Stripe Technologies. There is a $99 Sign up Fee. Beyond that upfront payment, there are no monthly fees unless you spend under $25 / month.

To sign up for Pontiac Intelligence, please go to Once you read the Pontiac Intelligence End User Licensing agreement, check off that you agree with the terms, and fill out and submit the ‘sign up’ form, it will be sent to Pontiac Intelligence for review. If you meet our qualifications, you will be sent your log-in credentials to access the platform within 24 hours.

Pricing & Fee Structure

Entry Fee

The Pontiac Intelligence platform requires every user to fund their seat before they can start buying ad space. You will be unable to purchase ad space or browse through the platform until you enter money into your account.

The first $99 is used to cover the initial one-time Entry Fee. For example, if a user initially deposits $300 into their account, the remaining $201 will be applied to the 20% usage fee for the actual delivery of media. This is inclusive of all taxes.

Creative Audit Fee

The user is charged $2.00 upon uploading each ad unit or changing each ad unit as a “creative audit fee”. This creative unit is checked by a human and by two outside parties (Risk IQ and AppNexus) to verify the ad corrolates with the landing page, is not against policy, does not have malicious intent, is not malware, is not a banned ad server, etc.

Software User Licensing Fee

The 20% margin usage fee is applied to the all-in cost of media. This is a usage-based fee for access to the Pontiac Intelligence platform. The all-in cost includes any fees Pontiac Intelligence occurs in the actual procurement process, such as third-party bidder fees, credit card processing fees, exchange fees, data fees, and other fees that are incurred prior to the publisher receiving payment for their specific ad units. All of these fees, if incurred, are bundled into the CPM the Pontiac Intelligence seat user pays, which will include the Pontiac 20% margin usage fee.

Inventory & Data Fee

Since the user is purchasing ad space and data segments through the platform, these fees are included in the overall “Cost” metrics reported inside Pontiac Intelligence. The inventory, external bidder fees, data segments and brand safety segments are all bundled inside the “Cost” fees inside the platform. The user always sees Cost as a consistent number, and it is inclusive of all fees.

Minimum User Fee

A user’s credit card is charged $25 on the first day of each month following their Pontiac Intelligence seat’s establishment. For example, if a user pays their $99 Entry Fee on January 10th, on February 1 and on the 1st of every month thereafter, their credit card will be charged $25. This fee allows users to retain access to the platform, their delivery data, and the proprietary programmatic trading wiki. This fee is waived if a user’s Software User Licensing Fee meets or exceeds $25.

White-Label Pontiac Intelligence

Because Pontiac Intelligence offers access to all major data exchanges and all programmatic exchanges, there is often the desire for an agency, media company, publisher or data company to white label the platform and provide a login for their end users to utilize the platform.