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With ACCESS to over 10,000 desktop, video and mobile publishers, arrangements of 200+ Private Marketplaces, access to all the exchanges, utilize Pontiac Intelligence to place targeted ads across the world.

Place Ads Intelligently

Our powerful AI algorithm optimizes to performance according to your key performance indicator. We guarantee top-quality performance and full transparency.

Our wiki(^6.1) explains every element of the platform and digital advertising, from defining industry terms to providing strategy techniques.

There are many elements that you might want to consider, whether those are features you want to control going into a campaign, or data(^4.2) you want to understand coming out of one. We provide those features, and make them as accessible as possible.


Create highly customizable audiences inside of Pontiac Intelligence's console across the following:

  • Device IDs (distinctive numbers associated with smartphones)
  • IP addresses
  • Zip codes
  • Latitudes and longitudes (with radiuses around those points)
  • User IDs

You can input as many highly specific details as you like for your audience. See here how targeting specific GPS coordinates or zip codes may look.

Targeting Options

Control your ads’ targeting across the following:

  • Website (URL) and specific mobile app
  • Operating system device (MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Geography (country, region/state, DMA (USA only), postal code, or lat-long coordinates) Time of Day
  • Time of Day
  • Exchange (Seller) (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AppNexus, Index, Rubicon, Pubmatic, OpenX, and others)
  • Audience (third-party and first-party user data)
  • Pixel (set up advanced remarketing strategies)

You can even use our GPS application directly within the console to select your targeting location and radius.

Third-Party Audiences

Pontiac Intelligence offers over 200,000 audience segments that you can integrate into any of your campaigns. Search through behavioral, demographic, contextual, and more kinds of third-party audiences that you can associate with any of your campaigns.

Target audiences who have displayed through their web activity specific interests or lifestyles through using any of our thousands of available behavioral segments. Want people who have been looking for jobs in entertainment? People in the market for school supplies? People who make $50-75,000 a year? Perhaps people who use teeth-whitening strips? Check out these kinds of audiences, pre-packaged and immediately available for your campaigns.

Fraud and Viewability (Brand Safety)

Target audiences that are on sites looking at relevant content. Use “Pets” contextual advertising to reach people who are currently consuming content related to pets, or “Women’s Fashion” to get your ad in front of people browsing sites on that topic.

Language (Contextual)

Target your ad across websites serving to users in over 50 different languages, from Spanish to Macedonian to Thai. Make sure that your ad reaches people who are looking at content in that language by integrating these packages into your campaigns.


Target audiences based on demographic factors such as gender and age group. Want to make sure that your ad goes to people over the age of 21? Or that you’re not wasting ads designed for women on men? We’ve got you covered.

Weather (Location)

Target audiences based on the weather conditions that they are experiencing in their locations. Show your sunscreen brand to people in “Very Sunny” conditions, or your nasal spray to people in “Allergy Weather.”

Easily associate any third-party audience directly with your campaign.

Line Item

While Pontiac Intelligence serves your every need regarding audience targeting, there are a number of other components relevant to digital advertising. Pontiac Intelligence gives you the ability to have complete control over these elements as well.

Create as many advertisers as you like. View critical total metrics at a glance across all of your advertisers within the Advertisers page, including Daily Budget Impressions, Daily Budget Spend, Number of Lines associated, Number of Impressions, Cost, Clicks, and Conversions.
Whether you have one or one hundred advertisers associated with your account, it’s simple to access all of the details about a specific advertiser. Easily see their associated lines, creatives, and third-party, conversion, and segment pixels, and quickly add any of those elements to your advertiser.

Our line creation system allows you complete control over how you structure a campaign for your advertiser.

You can see here that there are a number of factors that you get to control.

“KPI” (key-performance indicator) allows you to choose the metric that you want to be used by Pontiac Intelligence’s optimization algorithm.
Use Start Date and End Date to determine the days that the campaign runs.
You have the choice to Budget by Spend or Budget by Impressions— budgeting by spend means that you will spend the Lifetime Cost number that you input with the estimated number of impressions being variable, and budgeting by impressions means that you will purchase the specified Lifetime Impressions with the estimated cost being variable.
You can set your own Budget Multiplier, which is used to cover 3rd party discrepancies. If you would like Pontiac Intelligence to automatically adjust the budget multiplier on your behalf based on the spending patterns that it detects, you can choose to apply the Dynamic Budget Multiplier to your campaign as well.
Choose the maximum number of times that an individual will be targeted by the line over the course of a single day and over the course of the line’s life (or choose to have no caps at all!) with Frequency Caps. If you would like Pontiac Intelligence to automatically adjust frequency caps on your behalf based on underdelivery patterns that it detects, you can choose to apply Dynamic Frequency to your campaign as well.
Control your line’s bidding prices using Bid Data. Determine the typical bid value as well as upper and lower bounds on the bid values you want to use for this campaign.
Determine the days that Pontiac Intelligence’s optimization schedule will work on your campaign.


We understand the value of being able to access data— after all, being able to understand the locations and kinds of websites that are a hit on the open Internet could even be useful in helping you determine other aspects of your marketing strategy. If you learn that your ads are really popular in Florida, then why are you spending so much on TV advertising in Tennessee when you now know that there is clearly a more attentive market?

View graphics showing ad activity and success across many crucial variables, including Site Domain, Seller, Geographical Region, Country, and Latitude/Longitude.

Immediately access a breakdown of each element reached within that variable. Pontiac Intelligence automatically provides a bar chart visual, as well as the important metrics about how the line has performed for that element.

You even have the ability to see exactly where your impressions landed. See where in the world your ad has shown up, and zoom in to see it in highly specific detail.

Pontiac Intelligence automatically provides a bar chart visual, as well as the important metrics about how the line has performed for that element.

You even have the ability to see exactly where your impressions landed. See where in the world your ad has shown up, and zoom in to see it in highly specific detail.

  • Date
  • Line
  • Creative
  • Creative Size
  • Region/State
  • DMA
  • Zip Code

And concerning any of the following metrics:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Post-Click Conversions
  • Post-View Conversions
  • Spend

Setting up a custom report is simple.

And getting detailed data from your reports is equally simple. View your campaign metrics along desired dimensions:

Filter variables on a highly specific level, as seen here with a ZIP code:

And access the details surrounding success, as seen here with highest number of conversions:

our data belongs to you, and we make it as accessible to you as possible.