While Pontiac Intelligence offers our clients as much authority as possible over the parts that they would wish to control, we would never expect them to manually analyze reports regularly, determine all of the factors yielding the best results, and target accordingly. Our optimization algorithm is designed to do that for you, so your lines adapt over time to get you the best results as they collect more data about what’s working and what’s not.
Algorithm 1
Optimization happens according to your goals. When you create a line, you get to decide the KPI to which you are optimizing. Choosing CTR means that the algorithm will pay closest attention to the details surrounding the ads that are getting the highest click-through rates, and then target accordingly. Choosing CPA means that the algorithm will do the same, but by paying attention to ads that are getting the highest number of conversions. It all comes down to what you’re looking to get out of your campaign— our job is simply to help you reach your goals.
Algorithm 2
Although optimization might feel as though the authority over your digital advertising strategy is taken out of your hands, we provide a solution for that. The platform fully describes the exact optimization process, including all of the details that the AI more heavily targets or stops targeting, the dates that each change is made, and the amount of your line’s budget that is reallocated toward the change.

Below you can see our platform’s optimization breakout:

Algorithm Chart

The original lines that the advertiser made, “NetSol_LatLong_4,” “NetSol_LatLong_3,” and “NetSol_LatLong_2,” all end up getting broken down into many sub-lines by the optimization algorithm. You can view the daily impressions, daily budget spend, % of budget, total impressions, total cost, number of clicks, number of conversions, CPM, CTR, CPC, and CPA for each sub-line here.

You can see exactly when optimizations were made, including budget reallocation and details about the exchanges, locations, sellers, and placements that the sub-line exclusively targets or blacklists. We guarantee full transparency in addition to quality.