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Targeting and optimization built for the privacy safe era
Transparency and customizations with log level granularity
Access to the most premium CTV inventory
Media Buying

All the best inventory. All in one place.

Pontiac gives you access to the top tier CTV inventory including Netflix, Disney+/Hulu, NBCU along with all other major publishers, platforms, FAST, and inventory providers.

Better reach and better performance on all the inventory that matters.


Access and Transparency

Our CTV buying tools offer access to all of the best inventory and full controls over delivery, reporting transparency, and optimization tools.

Online Video

Scalable and Efficient

Reach beyond Smart TVs to access streaming video inventory on any screen. Get all of the same features as CTV plus the added targeting of serving in web and mobile environments.

Out of Home

Precision and Reach

Pinpoint your OOH campaigns down to specific ZIPs, streets, and even boards. Access the broadest inventory and get your brand in front of the right audience.


Relevance and Versatility

Whether streaming radio or podcasts, audio is a great way to get in front of your audience. Access a range of inventory sources to be in ear and top of mind.

Audience discovery

Cookieless Audience by Design

Pontiac’s Audience Research Tool (ART) is a revolutionary approach to privacy-friendly audience discovery and segmentation.

We combine data from the US Census and public records as well as contextual content consumption and map that across all US zip codes.

We are able to segment audiences down to granular interests and demographics and target them at scale using zip code based targeting.

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Always Innovating

Our team is constantly building new features and tools to make our clients more effective in driving results and efficiencies. We work with you, our clients, to make sure the tools we’re building are helping you achieve better results and have more control. Our small size and agility are our biggest advantage over the tech behemoths.

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